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008-214-05 Genuine Dexter 10K Hub - 4" Brake Shoes

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SKU: 008-214-05
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This hub takes the 382A (Sold Separately)  outer bearing and the 010-056-00 (Sold Separately)  wheel seal. There are two 10K hubs and this one goes with the 009-027-01 and 009-027-03 brake drum (for 4" wide brake shoes). The other 10K (General Duty) hub uses 3-3/8" wide brake shoes and takes smaller bearings and a smaller wheel seal. The hubs looks different too, see the 008-430-05 for the 10K general duty set up, it's a shorter hub. 

This hub comes with races and studs installed.

Wheel Seal (Oil): 010-056-00 (Sold Separately) 

Genuine Dexter

10K Hub

865 w/cups and studs