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089-002-02 Genuine Dexter 10k-12k Disc Brake Caliper, 10K-12K Dexter Axles

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Genuine Dexter 10k-16K Disc Brake Caliper

Does not come with brake pads K71-180-00

Rebuild Kit available K71-181-00

Slide Pins: 007-186-00 (Two per caliper, sold separately)

Dexter Axle recently upgraded the rating of this caliper to 16K. This caliper does not come with bleeder screws (Part number S11410, sold separately). 

The floating caliper brake uses piston(s) situated on one side of the brake rotor. Hydraulic fluid pressure pushes against the piston(s) to apply the inboard brake pad. As the inboard pad exerts force against the rotating rotor surface, the caliper moves laterally towards the trailer frame and in turn applies an equivalent force to the outboard brake pad against the rotor surface. As the lining material wears, the caliper will automatically maintain the proper lining to rotor clearance. The floating caliper design is used on Dexter 10,000 and 12,000 lb. axle models.
Disc brake effectiveness is the same going either in a forward or reverse direction. All Dexter disc brakes should be actuated with a braking system that is capable of providing a maximum hydraulic pressure of 1,600 psi

89-2 BP18-045

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