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K129276 Genuine Bendix Air Disc Brake Pads, ADB22X, Axle Set of Pads and Hardware

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Works for: K070796, K109113, 802078, MMD1369AF, 1369, 2926902

The Bendix® BX276™ pad raises the bar on air disc brake pad performance, by extending the service life even further than current ADB pad standards. This pad will maximize braking performance, provide premium wear, and resist rotor stress cracking.

Get best-in-class pad life, as the BX276 pad provides 2 mm more wearable life than previous Bendix ADB pads and 8% more wearable volume than other replacement pads. Plus, with this friction formulation, you may see up to a 40% reduction in wear rate.

The BX276 pad is part of a full line up of ADB friction offerings that also includes the BA236™ Aftermarket Replacement Pad.

OE-Approved: The BX276 pad is OE-approved to meet vehicle performance requirements.

Bendix pads + rotors: a long-life combination: It’s all about the “friction couple” – which means Bendix pads are designed to be spec’d with our rotor. The materials in our pads and rotors are designed to function in concert with each other to extend the life of both components. Longer pad and rotor life means lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for your fleet.

Maintain OE Stopping Distance Performance: BX276 meets all FMVSS-121 stopping distance requirements (<200 feet). Testing shows many aftermarket pads increase stopping distances by up to 50-75 feet and are out of compliance with FMVSS-121.

Parking Hold Capability: All Bendix replacement pads exceed the FMVSS-121 requirement for park regulation. So, you can be confi dent your truck will stay safely parked, even when fully loaded. Many aftermarket replacement pads barely meet the park capability of the weight of an unloaded tractor/ trailer – as a result these pads may bring an increased risk of roll away

Complete OE Hardware Kit: Proper maintenance of your ADB system is critical to maintain performance and service life. That’s why our pad kits – which include the same hardware as our OE brakes – include all the hardware needed to do a pad replacement. Other pad kits don’t provide all those components, so you’d need to reuse worn components.