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Silicone Brake Parts Lubricant

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Permatex Silicone Brake Parts Lubricant is a NEW, award winning, formulation that is fortified with ceramic solids to reduce noisy stops by 99%. The Silicone Brake Parts Lubricant is the premium brake parts lubricant in the Permatex brake parts lubricant portfolio that is ideal for heavy duty, performance vehicles, and EV’s.

  • Reduces noisy stops by 99%
  • Premium silicone non-melting formula fortified with ceramic solids
  • Resists temperatures between: -50°F to 3000°F (-46°C to 1649°C)
  • 100% compatible with internal/external brake rubber and plastic hardware
  • Compatible with rubber, plastic and metal components
  • Ideal for heavy duty vehicles (SUV’s, Trucks, Trailers, EV, Hybrid)

Use for: Sleeve, Bushings, outward pad backing plate, Inboard pad backing plate, Caliper pins, Disc brake calipers, Caliper Pistons, Abutment clips.